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Mariam Mosque’s Theses of Reform

Mariam Mosque’s vision is to implement principles of Muslim reform. We will face new dilemmas as a minority in The West. Muslim spiritual and religious leaders are obligated to find solutions to existing and future dilemmas in the Muslim youth. Therefore, these theses of reform are a metaphor for the ongoing search for knowledge and development within our Muslim communities.

  1. Muslim women’s right to serve as female imams 

  2. Muslim women’s right to divorce without the consent of the husband.

  3. Muslim women’s right to interfaith marriage 

  4. A re-reading of the Quran with a focus on gender equality 

  5. Fighting the growing anti-Islamic rhetoric and propaganda  

  6. Promoting Sufism and Islamic pluralism

  7. Challenge patriarchal structures, practices and manipulated dichotomies

  8. Protecting minorities from discrimination and hate crimes

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