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In the heart of Denmark, the Mariam Mosque was established in 2015 as the first women-led mosque in Scandinavia. A trailblazer in its right, the Mariam Mosque is inspired by the vision of empowering women to step into religious leadership roles.

Our journey aligns with the global recognition of female imams, a tradition embraced in countries such as China, South Africa, Canada, Germany, the US, France, Finland, and the UK. Notably, renowned Islamic scholar Amina Wadud has led Friday prayers in the US, South Africa, and various European nations. The prestigious al-Azhar University in Cairo, and three out of four major Islamic schools of jurisprudence, recognize the legitimacy of women leading prayers for women, validating our mission.

We draw inspiration from Prophet Muhammad's (Peace be upon him) approach towards inclusivity and diverse roles for women, allowing them to serve as teachers, warriors, and imams. These values find a voice within our walls, where female imams guide and teach, and our Islamic Academy flourishes.

The Mariam Mosque is an all-embracing institution, welcoming everyone for prayers outside our women-exclusive Friday prayers. We are fortunate to have a diverse team of three female imamahs, Islamic spiritual care providers, khatibahs, and dhikr leaders who serve our community with dedication and passion.

Join us as we continue to shine a light on women's religious leadership, breaking barriers, and redefining the mosque's traditional dynamics.

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