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Imama Sherin, co-founder of the mosque, is a leader in Islamic activism. Her academic background includes an MA in Islamic spiritual care, Islamic sociology and cognitive psychotherapy, which enriches her work in our mosque and its commitment to feminism and Islam.

In addition to her influential role in the mosque, Sherin is also the executive director of the Exit circle. Through this organization she fights to help people affected by physical and psychological violence.

Sherin Khankan

Hasib Nasiri, PhD in Islamic Theology and MA in Philosophy, is a philosopher and lecturer specializing in Islamic Feminism and theology. He leads the Mariam Mosque’s Reading Circles and does guest lectures at the Islamic Academy, promoting Sufism, Islamic humanism, and modern political thought. His blend of academia and activism makes him a vital mosque board member.

Hasib Nasiri

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Stefanie Vester Klint

Stefanie Vester Kelani Klint serves as our Head of Board. Stefanie uses her unique perspective to enrich our mosque's discourse. She is dedicated to fostering a more nuanced understanding of Islam among both Muslims and non-Muslims.

Her goal is cultivating respect for diversity and building an inclusive community, especially for converts. In addition to her work at the mosque, Stefanie actively pursues her passion for nature conservation through her studies and professional engagements.

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