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Imamas and visitors talking together during friday prayer

Welcome to the Mariam Mosque, a modest abode where inclusivity meets faith. Nestled in Denmark, we are a mosque led by women, founded with the intention of amplifying the voices of female imams within Scandinavian communities and beyond since 2015.

Our mission is rooted in creating space for women in religious leadership roles, a commitment that goes beyond mere symbolism. Here, women not only lead Islamic ceremonies but also guide souls through spiritual enlightenment. Our dedication is exemplified in our flourishing Islamic Academy, where the principles of the Quran are taught and interpreted in light of its original, inclusive sources.

In line with the tradition of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him), who permitted Umm Salama and Aisha to lead prayers for women in his house mosque, our Friday prayers are exclusive for women. But our doors remain open to everyone, regardless of their faith, after the Friday prayers. The Mariam Mosque is more than just a place of worship – it is a pioneering institution that strives to integrate the essence of equality into the fabric of religious leadership.


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